Thursday, January 2, 2014

02 Janvier 2014

I welcomed 2013 with a broken spirit- too broken, I couldn't keep the desolation to myself. I started sketching words, music and images in one small book. My mind's often empty as I draw, as I rest in one corner, and as I watch passersby wander.

Once a week, I would meet a friend to collab. wrote sketches which eventually became a solo piece. I remember the first time I heard Sarah rehearsed it in the church- I cried. [habang inaalala ko at inaalala ko ang mga salitang binitiwan ng maliliit na kampana...] The images I sketched and the emotions attached reoccured. She seemed to be in trance manifesting my Self expressing all the sentiments I kept. Capella is a memory of my broken spirit, thus on my part evokes heartache, though apparently, people loved it.

A week before its premiere last Spring, I visited some close friends in the U.S. It was my baby brother- Jeremiah's graduation recital and Sir Victor's studio recital. It was too short, but certainly memorable. I also visited Boston to catch Sciarrino's seminars/workshops etc which I actually missed because... long story.

I wish I was not working on a piece that time; I shouldn't have been daydreaming 90% of the time I'm with a friend. haha Anyway, there's this pond that I really really like! (and I might visit if I ever swing by. or, is there a great time to visit it? festival, etc? I'll research.) The silhouette of the gazebo and the trees around the pond reminded me of the sunken garden.

Silhouettes (by the way!) and lights are some of the things you gotta notice and love when you're in Montreal. I like walking along Sainte Catherine- watch the sun set and fade out, and the lights from the cars fade in. I also love watching the moon, especially if I do it from Mt. Royal. 

 (photo: Rainier Omayao)

Who would talk to a friend about this weird stuff? I do. Over buffet, or beer? sure. I'm lucky to have some good spirits around.

(first time to celebrate Chinese New Year, with Zihua and Tzu En,,,)

And who would talk to a Friend about this again AND again?? 
I do. [insert heart]

(photo with Rain)

This photo was taken after a concert of Montreal Symphony. Performing with the orchestra chorus was amazing because 1. the singers know each other and they know that I'm a stranger haha; 2. I joined this 'amateur choir' that doesn't sound amateur at all. Of course that's because of everyone's musicality, and through the leadership of Mr. Megill and the Maestro Nagano; 3. most rehearsals are in French. :)


I've been here for 6 months already! ( was late for the first semester, though because I had to come to Hannover. How to survive for few days in a local community with zero knowledge in German language? Ask me! haha) made it to Manila by Monday; had a meeting on Tuesday; then started teaching Wednesday. I gave my students an impression that I'm strict and snob- only on the first week, I think! 

While teaching, I was also handling events. These, plus the weather knocked me down. Lesson learned: don't be too excited to work.

Things were more or less the same until my trip to Thailand- another long story which I will post next time. All I can say is that after two weeks, I came back to Manila with a refreshed standpoint. really important for me especially that once in a while, I get rejected and discouraged.

(It was amazing working with these young traditional musicians. 21 Novembre)

 Though my 2014 opened with some memories of connection/disconnection, and hangups, I won't stop hoping for the best. Santé!  

(Edrick, pumpkin, Muning, F, gurl, Trish, Tatay, Bogs, 18 Decembre)

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