Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dear E,

I made this last entry on my small sketch pad Today thinking of the piece of paper, where our doodles (, the 7-6-1 cadence) and all my hopes were kept.

I'm not dedicating or sending it (directly to you) though, because I'm a coward, and my spirit is too low to know how it will be received.

and so I'm offering it to Moments-
sitting, talking, laughing, walking,
eating, writing, talking again,
doodling, walking, daydreaming,
erasing, reading, listening,
laughing, drinking, walking,
poem reading,
of bells,
and lights;

And I'm offering it with a Promise
that my Being
would no longer coexist with yours,
(- as long as I am able to-)
and you'll forever find serenity
in my absence.

This is the best present I can think of
for your (special) day.


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